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Which venue recommendations hold the most value?

CEME Conference Centre

(…or why Mickey Mouse really does know a thing or two!)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could rely on every venue recommendation that came your way? When a colleague suggests the ‘place round the corner is so cool’; an ‘industry expert’ has analysed the market and found ‘the venue of choice’; a business guru recommends the place in which ‘you must be seen’; or an agent has sourced the best venue in London based on quality, service and price – ‘No really, we have… the fact that it will cost you the most and we make the largest commission has absolutely nothing at all to do with it’!

…or perhaps, more honestly, don’t the best recommendations for a venue come from those clients who have actually used it… time and time again? Wouldn’t it be great if every time you considered a conference and meetings venue you were able to measure their worth against an internationally recognised client feedback score? Not just a customer satisfaction rating from the venue for meeting expectations (even if it is 96%) or a score for ‘exceeding expectations’ (2 out of 3 clients), but a score that determines just ‘how likely the client is to recommend your venue to a friend or colleague’ – the Net Promoter Score.

On a scale of 1 – 10, this method allows a Company to find out directly from its clients whether they are ‘promoters’ of your Company scoring you 9 or 10; ‘passive’ scoring you 7 or 8; or ‘detractors’ – those who score you 6 or less (expressed as an average percentage score of promoters less detractors) …and, as Disney will tell you, if they score you 7 or 8 they probably won’t come back and, if they score you 6 or less – ‘They definitely ain’t coming back, Mickey’!

According to the UK Consumer Net Promoter Benchmarks for 2015 (Satmetrix), amazing to some, the (Retail) Banking industry does pretty well on NPS with First Direct recording the highest score of any UK business in the survey at 73. (Shame they did not include hospitality as they would have found Red Carnation at 84). So if you found a conference centre that achieved this year an NPS score of 90, would that location not be your venue of choice if 9 out of 10 of their clients not only consistently return, but they would fall over backwards to recommend the venue to you?

Forget any other recommendation for any other venue, CEME Conference Centre achieved an NPS score of 90 in their second quarter client surveys; achieve a client retention rate of 96%; and have grown their events and meeting business by 250% in less than three years! Not surprising then that their biggest champions are their customers. Surely that is the only recommendation you will ever need to hear!

…and, by the way, CEME are also the only AIM accredited Gold venue with the MIA in East London or Essex and a member of Conference Centres of Excellence.

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